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Himalayan treks you can take this summer

Best Himalayan treks you can take this summer

Are you too looking forward to the summer season with great eagerness? For the snow to melt? For the life to revive again?

7 Best Himalayan treks you can take this summer!

Me too!

The snow will begin to melt in the mountains, once again, reviving the beautiful flora it had hidden beneath the frozen ground. The long hibernation of birds and animals in the mountains will finally end.

Everything that had come to a standstill because of winters will be thawed in the pleasant summer sun. The weather will become pleasant, less chilly than it had been in winters. The winds will be less brutal with a puff of summer breeze. And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, life will begin all over again with the7 Best Himalayan treks you can take this summer!

If you have had enough of snow already and waiting for mountains to be lush again with the greenery, book your seat for the first summer batches of your favorite treks.

7 Best Himalayan treks you can take this summer!

1. Hampta Pass

Region: Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Max. Altitude: 4,200 m

Grade: Easy

Days: 5 days

Why this: For the everchanging landscapes. The trek takes you through two contrasting valleys- the lush green Kullu and arid Lahaul Valley. Chandratal, the moon shaped lake on the last day is the ultimate reward. 7 Best Himalayan treks you can take this summer!


2. Pin Parvati Pass

Region: Himachal Pradesh and Spiti

Max. Altitude: 5,298 m

Grade: Difficult

Days: 10 days

Why this: To get away from the hustle-bustle for a long time. Pin Parvati takes you through an experience that is equal parts mesmerizing and challenging 7 Best Himalayan treks you can take this summer!

3. Bhrigu Lake

Region: Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Max. Altitude: 4,267 m

Grade: Easy

Days: 4 days

Why this: 14,000 ft in just 2 days. Bhrigu Lake is really for millennials who want to achieve greater heights in lesser time.

4. Beas Kund

Region: Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Max. Altitude: 3,700 m

Grade: Easy

Days: 3 days

Why this: Bakarthach, the blissful campsite, is just one of the 12 reasons to trek to Beas Kund. You will get tired of counting all the peaks that are visible from there.

5. Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek

Region: Himachal Pradesh

Max. Altitude: 4,480 m

Grade: Moderate

Days: 6 days

Why this: With a varied trail of diverse flora and fauna along with fantastic visuals, the trek to Deo Tibba Base Camp is one of the best near Manali ideal for both beginners and experienced trekkers.

6. Pin Bhaba Pass Trek

Region: Himachal Pradesh

Max. Altitude: 4,915 m

Grade: Moderate

Days: 8 days

6) Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

This is a trek that will yield more social media-worthy photos than you’ll know what to do with! Five lakes, each more beautiful than the next, will take your breath away and leave you wondering if you’ve stumbled upon paradise. At different points of the trail, trekkers pass through maple and pine forests, rivers, valleys and hamlets. There are other small lakes that dot the landscape in addition to the great 5.
The Kashmir Great Lakes trek trail stretches for 72 kms and though not as arduous as other treks, it still requires you to be physically fit. There are some challenging climbs and sharp descents that you’ll want to be able to conquer without using up your stamina. As with any high elevation location, altitude sickness can occur and trekkers should be prepared to deal with it.
The trek begins from Sonamarg and continues to Nichnai and Vishansar Lake. From there, it heads to Nichnai Pass or Vishansar Berry before moving to Vishansar Lake and Gadsar Pass, the highest point of the trek. The trail then goes on to Gadsar Lake and the Satsar lakes before leading to Gangabal Twin Lakes.
Max Elevation: 13,800 feet
Difficulty Level: Moderate
Best Time/Season: July to August. Monsoon renders the trail dangerous.
Location: Jammu & Kashmir

Why this: A stunning crossover trek from the lush green shepherd’s trail of Kinnaur to the stark opposite barren trail of Pin Valley in Spiti, the Pin Bhaba pass trek is an impressive trek with a varied scenery that will steal your heart along with a taxing Pin-Bhaba pass cross making it one of the most glorious treks in the Himalayas. 

You can compare the treks based on difficulty grades keeping in mind your endurance and past trekking experience.

Summers is all you should wait for because bookings are open! 😉


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