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Goa: Places To Visit

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Goa represents a relatively small state with a variety of scenery, including beaches, woods, and rivers, as well as picturesque towns and quaint villages. Colonial architectural treasures, religious structures, nature sanctuaries, museums, art galleries, and marketplaces are just a few of the major attractions. The yearly funfair brings even more vitality to the merry State every February.

Goa the orient pearl

Calangute Beach (Goa)

Calangute Beach is arguably the first site that comes to mind when thinking of the finest places to visit in March, and there are plenty of good reasons for that. this place, sometimes known as the “queen of beaches,” as one of Goa’s busiest and most expansive beaches. it, which surrounds little stores and beach shacks, never lets down visitors visiting Goa. Swimming, water sports, and an amazing nightlife are all available. There are many fun activities like paragliding, jet skiing, water bikes, etc.

Carambolim Lake (Goa)

Take a break from the state’s busiest tourist destinations and unwind at the picturesque Carambolim Lake. Take a trip around the lily-covered lake and take in the numerous plants, such as Indian marsh snowflakes and water hyacinths, that provide vibrant splashes of color to the landscape. Wander through the woods while keeping an eye out for hawk owls and jungle owlets, as well as moorhens, waterhens, herons, egrets, swallows, and coots near the water. For expansive views, climb the watchtowers. When birds started congregating in the area, steps were taken to preserve and enhance the lake to provide a conducive habitat for birdlife to flourish. The surroundings remain serene, with beautiful views. When visiting Goa, it’s a terrific destination for romance with the proper company.

Museum of Christian Art

Museum of Christian Art goa

One of the major attractions in Goa for those interested in religious history is the Museum of Christian Art. It’s also a terrific location to stay indoors and study while avoiding the heat. The museum resides in the formerly majestic and historic Santa Monica Convent, which resides in the heart of the medieval city. A collection of magnificent and intricately embroidered ceremonial apparel as well as a stunning bust of St. Margaret of Antioch a cavity intended to house a relic can’t be overlooked. Because local artists incorporated their own concepts and methods into their work, many of the paintings contain subtle Indian and Hindu influences

Fort Aguada 

Fort Aguada goa

The first and foremost reason will be the lighthouse which offers a breathtaking top view of the area around.
The second reason is that you can relax with your better half while watching the sunset here because it is one of the most popular tourist spots in Goa to enjoy the sky painted in fleeting shades of red and orange while the sun bids farewell to the day for then.

The lighthouse, which provides an incredible vantage point from which to overlook the surroundings, will be the primary motivating factor.
The second reason lies in the fact this happens to be one of the most well-liked tourist destinations in Goa for viewing the sky painted in ephemeral hues of red and orange as the sun bids adieu to the day for the time being. You may unwind with your better half while doing so.

Anjuna Beach

Among the most popular sports include paragliding and jet skiing. For those who prefer engaging in various water sports, the fact that not all of them are available here may be discouraging. Some of these, nevertheless, that’s pricey at other beaches, may be experienced here for a reasonable price.
Small rocks beside the sea remain another feature that makes Anjuna famous. In the mornings, guests of surrounding hotels frequently stroll up to the shore and sit there to watch the Sunrise while drinking local tea or coffee. An excellent opportunity to get some unique photos also exists.

the grand island goa

Grand Island

A tiny, rocky island known as Grand Island (also known as Ilha Grao or Ilha Grande) lies not far from Dabolim Airport. Despite being just 2.5 km in length, it remains a center of activity. This is among the top locations in Goa for snorkeling and scuba diving. You may witness a wide range of marine life, such as sea turtles, dolphins, lobsters, reef sharks, and more, in a number of fantastic locations, including sunken ships. The coral on the ocean floor is colorful. Additionally, there are excellent locations for novice snorkelers and dives.

Devil’s Canyon

Devil’s Canyon represents a beautiful canyon surrounded by vegetation located close to Molema. The river flows down the precipitous canyon, and the rainforest is home to some fascinating wildlife. There are lovely views and excellent photo possibilities. According to a local folktale, a peasant would go to the river every day and ask the Devil for fish so he could feed his visitors. Hence how the gorge got its name. Fish were given to him. One day, the inquisitive Devil followed the crafty villager, only to find that he was the only one eating the fish and had no visitors. The Devil then cursed the river and declared it to be unfishable forevermore. Other interesting locations may be found near the canyon as well.

For breathtaking views of the magnificent canyon, head to one of the lookout spots, then take a stroll through the forest and along the cliffs. The rainforest is home to a variety of animals, including birds, butterflies, reptiles, and black panthers. You could see some of these critters there. Even though it’s uncommon to actually encounter a wild panther, you could just get fortunate (and going safely ensures that, if you do, you won’t get too near to these)! Continue your journey to the neighboring Dudhsagar Waterfalls for more scenic views, and then add some culture and spirituality to your agenda for Goa by stopping at the Tambdi Surla Temple.


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