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helicopter cost Amarnath Yatra 2023 ?

helicopter cost Amarnath Yatra 2023

The cost of helicopter services for the Amarnath Yatra can vary each year and depends on factors such as government regulations, availability, and demand. It is best to check with the official website or authorized helicopter service providers for the most up-to-date information regarding the cost.

In previous years, the cost of a helicopter ticket for the Amarnath Yatra ranged between INR 1,500 to INR 3,000 (approximately $20 to $40 USD) per person for a one-way journey. The price may differ based on the route chosen (Baltal or Pahalgam) and the specific helipad used.

It’s important to note that helicopter services are subject to weather conditions and availability, and advance booking is usually required. Additionally, the availability of helicopter tickets can be limited, so it’s advisable to plan and book your tickets well in advance to secure your seat.

How to go Amarnath Yatra by helicopter?

o undertake the Amarnath Yatra by helicopter, follow these steps:

  1. Registration: Register for the Amarnath Yatra through the official Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board (SASB) website or authorized registration centers. Provide the required details and choose the helicopter option during the registration process.
  2. Helicopter Booking: After successful registration, you can proceed to book helicopter tickets for the yatra. Visit the official SASB website or authorized helicopter service providers to check for availability and book your tickets online. Ensure you have your registration details handy, as they may be required during the booking process.
  3. Choose the Helipad: There are two helipads commonly used for the Amarnath Yatra: Baltal and Pahalgam. Decide which helipad you prefer to start your journey from. Baltal is known for its shorter and more direct route, while Pahalgam offers a longer but scenic route.
  4. Helicopter Flight: On the day of your helicopter journey, reach the designated helipad well in advance. Carry your identification documents, registration details, and helicopter tickets. Complete the check-in process and security procedures at the helipad.
  5. Board the Helicopter: Once your turn arrives, board the helicopter and fasten your seatbelt as instructed. Listen to the safety instructions provided by the crew and follow their guidance throughout the flight.
  6. Enjoy the Scenic Flight: As the helicopter takes off, enjoy the breathtaking views of the Himalayan landscapes. The flight duration varies depending on the helipad chosen and weather conditions. It typically takes around 10-20 minutes to reach the Panjtarni helipad, which is the drop-off point for the Amarnath Cave.
  7. Reach Panjtarni: Upon landing at the Panjtarni helipad, disembark from the helicopter and follow the instructions provided by the ground staff. From Panjtarni, you will need to trek for approximately 6 kilometers to reach the Amarnath Cave. The trek is usually manageable, but it’s advisable to be prepared with comfortable walking shoes and suitable clothing.
  8. Darshan at Amarnath Cave: Once you reach the Amarnath Cave, join the queue and proceed for darshan (holy viewing) of the ice stalagmite believed to represent Lord Shiva. Follow the instructions of the shrine authorities and maintain a respectful and reverent attitude.
  9. Return Journey: After completing your darshan, retrace your steps back to the Panjtarni helipad. Board the designated helicopter for your return journey to Baltal or Pahalgam, depending on your chosen helipad. Again, follow the instructions provided by the crew and ensure a safe and comfortable flight.
  10. Completion of Yatra: Upon reaching your chosen helipad, disembark from the helicopter and conclude your Amarnath Yatra. Collect your belongings and proceed towards your onward travel arrangements.

It is important to note that helicopter services are subject to weather conditions and availability. Make sure to check the latest updates, follow instructions from the authorities, and plan your yatra accordingly.


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