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Bihar: Travel Guide

bihar places to visit

Year-round, travelers of all faiths including a sizable number of Buddhists travel to Bihar, the historic home of the Buddha and a province abundant in monasteries. Its connections to Buddhism and Jainism make it a must-see location for peace seekers, those who want to experience Indian tribal culture and rural life, and those who want to view a piece of our illustrious history.

In the framework of Indian history, Bihar has an illustrious past. From the Sanskrit word “Vihara,” which means monastery, comes its name. Bihar is a state in eastern India which forms part of the Gangetic plains. Its neighbors to the west are Uttar Pradesh, to the south include Jharkhand, to the east is West Bengal, and to the north have Nepal. The fact that it represents the state where the Buddha once resided and reached Nirvana lends it spiritual significance. Lessons he left behind and monuments that continue to endure today. They are guiding others on the right path, reflecting how his legacy was left behind.

How to Reach Our Destination?

bihar places to visit

Bihar, one of the most well-liked tourist locations in India, is well-known as a center of Jains, Hindu’, and Buddhist religions. The area is well-known for its breathtaking natural beauty, which includes its hot springs, waterfalls, and sparkling lakes. Worldwide travelers come to Bihar to experience its rich cultural legacy. It can be difficult to get to Bihar. Via air, train, and road, well-connected to important parts of the nation and the world.

By Air

From Bihar, major cities in India and throughout the globe are easily accessible by plane. The two major airports in Bihar are Bodhgaya Airport in Gaya and Jayprakash Narayan Airport in Patna. Regular flights connect Bihar with important cities across the nation, including Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Lucknow. From the airport, you may use buses and taxis to get to a variety of locations across the state.

By Road And Railways:

Bihar connects to the main parts of the country through a huge network of state and national highways. These highways connect Bihar to locations both inside and beyond the state. In Bihar, public and private buses, taxis, and automobiles constitute common forms of transportation. Major and smaller regions of Bihar are connected by train to other parts of the nation via an outstanding rail network. The main rail hubs in Bihar included Patna, Gaya, and Bhagalpur. Tourists can utilize cabs or buses to go where they’re going from the train station.

Best Time To Travel :

It is possible to arrange a vacation to this place in the winter when the weather is favorable for sightseeing tours and visiting the area’s top tourist sites. state’s summers may be quite hot, which can significantly reduce outdoor activities. After the monsoon and before summer, October and March, remains the ideal time to visit this state. To avoid last-minute disappointment, it would be wise to make all reservations in advance since popular tourist locations get highly crowded during this time.


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