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Bihar Top 8: Place Is Famous For?

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India’s state of Bihar continues to receive little attention from tourists, which historically served as the capital of one of the most opulent ancient Indian kingdoms, and suffers from apathy when it comes to heritage tourism in India, which seems ironic. We both agree that there are plenty of international visitors to Bihar, but that they have all kept to a smaller number of locations in this traditionally wealthy state. If we look, states history appears to have its origins in the early days of Indian culture. The state later thrived as the capital of grand empires like Magadh.

Bodh Gaya(Bihar)

bodhgaya bihar

In Bihar’s Gaya District, there exists a Buddhist pilgrimage center called Bodh Gaya. Gautama Buddha obtained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree in this location, which is famous for the Mahabodhi Temple. The Indian government managed to build facilities for Buddhist pilgrims with the help of several other nations, notably China and Japan, and as a result, it became designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The region is always congested with visitors from India and other nations who come to see the monasteries, temples, and the Bodhi Tree’s ruins.


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Munger, the location of the Bihar School of Yoga, constitutes a further attraction that is popular with tourists that travel to Bihar. Aryans first settled in Munger and gave it the name “Midland” for their colony. We may anticipate a sizable international audience swarming this location because Munger has become popular among yoga enthusiasts. The modern city of Munger is made up of the twin cities of Munger and Jamalpur. Munger, one of Bihar’s oldest cities, was previously the seat of Mir Kasim before the British took control of it. Numerous historical artifacts in the area contribute to its allure.

Valmiki National Park(Bihar)

Valmiki National Park(Bihar)

Valmiki National Park exists in the West Champaran district, close to the border between India and Nepal on the banks of the river Gandak. The park, which covers a considerable area, may be divided into two parts: the national park, which emerged in 1990 and occupies a region of around 335 sq km, and the wildlife sanctuary, which originated in 1978 and occupies a region of 545 sq km. The lush, Himalayan Terai-inspired woodlands surround Valmiki National Park, the only wildlife refuge in the state of Bihar. The nearby village of Valmiki Nagar, which also serves as the only entry to the wildlife reserve, it whence Valmiki National Park derives its name.

Tomb of Sher Shah Suri(Bihar)

Tomb of Sher Shah Suri which  competed after the death of king

The magnificent Tomb of Sher Shah Suri, a mausoleum honoring the memory of Emperor Sher Shah Suri, lies in the town of Sasaram in the Indian state of Bihar.The mausoleum, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region with Indo-Islamic architecture, also serves as colloquially known for being the “Second Taj Mahal of India.” The monument, which is three stories tall and made of red sandstone, stands in the middle of a gorgeous lake, adding to its atmosphere and attractiveness. Even though Sher Shah Suri was alive when the tomb’s construction began, it did not conclude until three months after his death of him.

Jal Mandir(Bihar)

Jal Mandir its a jain mandir

Jal Mandir, a prominent Jain temple honoring Lord Mahavir, the 24th Tirthankara, lies near Pawapuri in the Indian state of Bihar. The stunning white marble temple, additionally referred to as pava puri, stands where Lord Mahavir departed and serves as a significant Jain pilgrimage site. The stunning temple housed inside a sizable water tank which appears with lovely pink lotus blooms. One of the top five Jain temples in the area, the “Charan Paduka” or foot impression of Lord Mahavir serves as the focal point of the building.

Mundeshwari Temple(Bihar)

Mundeshwari Temple great toursit attractions

Within Bihar’s Kaimur district resides the Mundeshwari Devi Temple. It serves as a historic temple where Shiva and Parvati, the everlasting couple, worshipped. It serves as one of India’s earliest temples, possibly dating back to 625 CE. The temple’s construction made unusually octagonal and created by of stone. Devi Mundeshwari and the Shiva linga with four faces constitute the temple’s principal deities. Murtis of Ganesha, Surya, and Vishnu also reside there. It has been a recognized topic of archaeological study for a while, with some inscriptions going as far back as 635 CE.


Madhubani paimtings

Madhubani, a historic city in Bihar, has gained recognition for its rich artistic and cultural heritage. The city, which makes an appearance in the Ramayana, has earned a reputation for producing the renowned Madhubani paintings. which have their roots here when the Bihar district of Darbhanga’s borders were redrawn in 1972, Madhubani emerged. The popularity of this little area among tourists traveling to see Madhubani paintings certainly progressively expanding. Madhubani lies a significant commercial center in the Madhubani district, bordered by Sitamarhi and Supaul on either side, Nepal to the north, Darbhanga to the south, and these cities on either side.


see the beauty of bagalpur

On the Ganges River’s southern banks sits Bhagalpur, a city with a rich historical background. Bhagalpur also the third-largest city in Bihar and frequently referred to as the “silk city.” Along with being a major political and commercial hub, Bhagalpur has a strong reputation for being a significant educational hub. The Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary assists the city in protecting the Gangetic Dolphins, who constitute the national aquatic animal of India. The history of the city has connections with several mythologies, and the distinction between them seems hazier than generally typical, making exploration of it fascinating.


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