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10 Interesting Facts About Ladakh

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Interesting Facts About Ladakh

Ladakh is also known as a paradise with great settlements and friendly people. It dreams of everyone to visit Ladakh once before they die but before visiting, we should know some facts that make that place more interesting. Let’s dive into the journey to learn interesting facts about Ladakh. Do you know that monks of Ladakh wear masks and dance during the festivals in Ladakh? if not then stay tuned to know more about the place.

A Great Opportunity To Play Ice Hockey(Ladakh)

Ladakh gives a great opportunity to play ice hockey on ponds and lakes. Ice skate is played here on ice with skates like in other foreign countries like Canada. In the extremely cold weather of Ladakh from December to June Ladakh converts the surface of the lake into thick icebergs which helps for ice skate hockey.

Habitation To The Largest National Park (Ladakh)

Habitation to the largest National Park and Bird Retreat

Terrain spread over an area of 4,000 km, Hemis national park is the den of the very beautiful and extraordinary snow leopards. You also get to see about 200 exceptionally alluring animals living on this harsh land. And don’t miss out on visiting this national park if you have an eye for birds you will get to see more than 200 species of birds.

Land Of Glacier Man(Ladakh)

glacier of Ladakh

we all know that Ladakh is home to the most pleasant land of glaciers. Not just for that but also for the man who created the artificial glaciers Chewang Norphel is a native and retired civil engineer. He had a prodigious moment when he witnessed that a small stream close to his home was frozen under the cover of the trees. The incident led to the development of 15 artificial glaciers creating the largest glacier which is created by him is 1000 ft long. which can support an entire village of 700 people and ii cost only 90k.

Highest Saltwater Lake That Freezes(Ladakh)

Pongang lake that freezes

shocking right as we all know the saline water sources do not freeze but the Pangong Lake does. You heard right Pangong Lake which is located at 4,350 m. This lake is the world’s largest saltwater lake it is shared between India and China.

Females Are Given Training In Kung- Fu(Ladakh)

women's doing kung fu in Ladakh

In a world where women want freedom and self-independence Ladakh is the place where women are given both, while movies portray male kung-fu masters and warriors. Ladakh teaches to both monks and nuns.

Lamayuru The Moo Scape For Tourists(Ladakh)

lamas dancing waring charm masks
  1. Lamayuru is on the highway of Leh-Srinagar. It can be visited from Leh if you fly or on your way to Srinagar. It is known for its monastery and its lunar landscape which is advocated as a moonscape for tourists. It is spectacularly incredible and has odd geological formations, though it is not unique because it is ancient and was later built into a moonscape.

Here you can also see some frescos and frightening masks. The annual festival which I held over here known as Yuru Kabyat is the major attraction of the monastery where mask dance is done by lamas.

Different Calendar(Ladakh)

tibetan calender

We follow the Georgian calendar which has 12 months 30/31 days according to the month. Every leap year i.e. fourth year we have 29 days in February. The people of Ladakh follow the Tibetan calendar in which every third year will include 13 months and any inauspicious occasions, days, and weeks are simply removed from this calendar. The months have no name they are simply estimated to number. The name of the days is on the 5 visible planets, the sun, and the moon.

Highest Operating Telescope(Ladakh)

astronomical highest telescope of Ladakh

The Indian astronomical observatory, situated in Hale is the highest among the top ten operating telescopes which naturally makes us closer to the milky way galaxy. However, this wonderful phenomenon still has to gain its much-deserved popularity.

Astonishingly, the panoramic view of Pangong Lake from this observation deck will be luminous at night. The alluring view in the lake’s reflection and the brightest late-night evening skylight view are no less than a utopian view that will keep you awake all night.

Magnetic Hill(Ladakh)

magnetic hill of Ladakh

this is the place where you will experience defies gravitational phenomena which is about 30 km away from the Leh. It gives instructions to park your vehicle in the magnetic road box, which is highlighted.

Monster Of Baralacha La Pass(Ladakh)

Barachala pass of ladhakh  has great procepies and rumors so make saure to visit

Zanskar range’s Baralacha la pass is a high-altitude pass that links the Himachal Pradesh district of Lahaul to the Jammu and Kashmir district of Ladakh. It is regarded as among the most dangerous pass due to the heavy snowfall it receives every year. There is a prophecy that says that Shahid Sainik Bhawan housed a fully operational army post. The name came from a series of events that lead to the fact that it is possessed by the spirit of a cannibal.

I know all these facts are making you curies and haste to visit the place as soon as possible and from your own eyes are they true? I am sure once you go there it will make you go there, again and again, you can also check out the offers from our website.


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