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Assam: Place Of Peace

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The state that has to be explored is Assam. It has many places still untouched with Unique fauna, wild woodlands, lush green tea plantation gardens, and more abound there. After visiting the peacock islands, the mountaintop Kamakhya temple, and the silk bazaars, you will be in awe of this state. Given that it is located in the Brahmaputra Valley, The Brahmaputra River’s natural splendor will never let you down. which astounds you every day with its extraordinary natural beauty, you can categorically call it the earth’s paradise.

Travelers should think about Assam for their upcoming holiday for a number of reasons, including the magnificent tourist attractions, the tranquil natural beauty, the sacred river, the vibrant culture and customs, and the kind locals. It is an intriguing sister state of Northeast India. When visitors come here, they will simultaneously encounter and explore a package rich in history, nature, and culture.

Best Time To Visit Assam

Jorhat, India – August 25, 2011: Women wearing traditional clothes and bamboo hats harvest tea leaves on plantation on bright morning, August 25, 2011 near Jorhat, Assam, India.

Whether your vacation would be best or not will depend on the timing of your vacation you choose. It is recommended to visit Assam during the months of October and April. There won’t be any heavy rain or sweltering summer temperatures at this time, and the weather will be nice across the state.

How To Reach Your Destination

The visitor’s safest option for transportation is to use the roads. It makes it simple to travel even to the most remote areas of the state. Assam is the starting point for many national highways that lead to other states in the union. NH31, NH37, NH38, NH40, and NH52 are a few of them.
Just get to Guwahati if you want to take the train to Assam. All other Indian states are properly connected to this city.
The Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi Airport is accessible from Guwahati. One can easily hire a private cab or bus to get there since the location is Guwahati from there you can take any local bus, cab, or anything which is suitable it’s 25 km away from Guwahati.

Festivals or Fairs you can’t afford to Miss


Majuli Festival: This is one of the most beautiful festivals, and it attracts a lot of visitors. Many artists were showcasing their talents during this festival. There will be many displays planned, including everything from traditional clothes to food to handicrafts to artifacts. If you are an art lover or want some artifacts then don’t forget to buy them at affordable prices.

Bihu: One of Assam’s most important celebrations is the Bihu Festival. A harvest celebration is held there to honor Brai Shibrai. The Assamese celebrate this day by dressing in traditional attire, singing songs, and preparing feasts. If you’re thinking about taking a trip in April, make sure to stop by this festival.

Ambubachi Festival: One of the most popular events is the Ambubachi Festival, which is held at the Kamakhya Devi Temple. The four-day Ambubachi Festival is devoted to the worship of Goddess Kamakhya. Visitors can enjoy the numerous Tantric performances at this festival.

to my all the foodies don’t forget to try some mouth-watering cuisines and the tea Assam is known for its finest tea .Stay tuned for more such guide.


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